About us

French Design
We are a French brand.

All our toys are designed in France by our teams and we are in the business for over 25 years. Through the design of our toys we want to pass on our know-how.

Our management it is composed by a number of professionals with very long experience within the international toys industry, including a prominent child psychologist.

Due to the fact that we the develop ourselves our designs and secure the product development, all product lab tests are performed solely with well known European laboratories.

BAT-Y Toys that is based in France as well as in Hong Kong had a strong development that we consider due to a few defining factors such as i.e peoples increased interest and recognition of the importance of quality, safety and notably ethical production methods. Most important of all is that we control the production process through a strong partnership with two factories where we have a full-time dedicated team, controlling production process, especially quality and ethical codes. Theses two vendors are in possession of top certificates for quality of social codes as well as environmental commitments.