About Us

Bat-y Toys, based in Hong Kong have had a very strong development that we consider is due to a few defining factors; such as peoples increased interest and recognition of the importance of quality, safety and ethical production methods but maybe most important of all is the development of a several new and successful lines such as i.e Floraly and Oceana girls.

When it comes to our management, it is composed by a number of professionals with more than 25 years of experience within the international toys industry, including a prominent child psychologist.

Creation & Development

Even though the operational business is based to Hong-Kong with business distribution worldwide, the design and creation centre is based in France. Our French designers are always at the cutting-edge of innovation and are designing toys with great willingness to encourage your children to learn by play.

We are lucky enough to have in our creation team, a full time specialist in psychological conduct of children, monitoring all the product development stages while taking into consideration the diversity and complexity of children psychology and is providing important and professional, coherent advices all along the development chain.